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    Marley Sage

    Get your accurate information regarding certain lingering and fresh questions here! If you have a Logistical question that would benefit from publicity, don’t hesitate to ask on this thread!

    Q: “Why aren’t I getting skill points/credit/MP for events I PC/NPC?”
    A: Your name didn’t get on the sign in list. It doesn’t matter if you are PCing or NPCing, it is your responsibility to make sure your name gets on the list. Saying “I’m here!” isn’t enough. Handing Zach (Financier), Marley (Event Coordinator) or Brooke (Treasure Coordinate) money and walking away, isn’t enough. You need to make sure your name gets on the list, especially if you are late. The best time to do this is after the event in person. Emails are discouraged but can be a last resort.

    Q: “I am positive that I paid for ‘X’ event, why does it show I owe?”
    A: Many people are very good about making sure they pay for the events they attend during check in. The most common causes of not paying for events for these people are:

    1 – Too large a bill and no change (trying to pay for a half day event with a $20 and you want change in cash not credit). Although we strive to, Mythic can’t always have change, so using large bills sligtly increases your chances of not being able to pay if you don’t want credit.

    2 – Sometimes people who always pay with cash forget to bring cash, or decide that they will pay next time. It does happen, but because it is not common people often forget that they did this.

    If you believe there has been an error, please contact our Financier, Zach.

    Q: Should be spell packets contain edible material?
    A: No. They must not contain bird seed, rice, or other edible materials. In indoor venues, these attract pests and are not permitted. We will not accept donations that contain edible materials. If you have seed or similar packets, you may use them in outdoor venues, but know that they are very harmful to the environment.

    Look out for new Spell Packet specification, coming from Brittany (Costume Director) and feel free to ask any Staff member about obtaining shredded-rubber — our preferred packet packing material — and we’ll get you as much as you need. It is widely available at Open Houses.

    Q: Can I request an event about for my PC where only PCs that are my friends come?
    A: Very, very rarely, but the answer is not no. Usually, that has to be earned in game. However “Personal Plot – PC By Invitation” event do exist. You must get approved by both Plot Head and ESO. The Plot Team is often busy and can not honor requests that we wish we could. Try to schedule these 60-90 days in advance if you’d like there to be the possibility of approval. There is no extra cost for these modules and no minimum number of players. If approved the applicant may choose which PCs to invite, and those who do not receive invitations may NPC gaining an additional bonus on SP and MP.

    Q: Is there a scaling benefit to NPCing beyond the listed bonuses?
    A: Yes. We have a bonus MP program that grants additional MP for people who NPC multiple events in a month on a scaling basis. 2 MP for 1 event, 6 MP for 2 events, 12 MP for 3 events, 20 MP for 4 events, and 30 MP for 5 events. This is in addition to any already received on the module, so it is a great way for people to earn up for those pesky item renewals.

    Q: What kind of bonuses can I get through volunteering on Weekends when I’m not PCing?
    A: This is in flux, stay tuned! We are considering the following: Set-Up/Teardown of the Tavern specifically to set it as a bonus 10 Mythic Points for helping with one, 25 Mythic Points and 2 Skill Points if you help with both. For Kitchen Help, $5 credit per meal assisted with (up to $20) and if you help with all five, you get a bonus 4 Skill Points. Kitchen Help being defined as actual cooking, or cleaning the kitchen after a meal and tracked by the Tavern Director (an open Staff Position). As a reminder, people that Kitchen help typically receives a share of treasure from Plot, even if you miss many of the actual mini-modules.
    As an aside note, there will be lots of nice new kitchen equipment this weekend season, so that should make volunteering a lot of this more comfortable and functional as well.

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

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