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    Dr. McLaughlin

    Hello fellow adventurers!

    I’m posting to let everyone know ahead of time that I will be live testing a weapons inspection system come Winterfest! As you know, I consider weapon safety to be a priority since no-one actually prefers to be stabbed or thwacked by a weapon core.

    A basic rundown of the safety check – When you sign in for the event, please see the quartermaster/master at arms for inspection.Currently I’ll be checking your equipment to see if the core can be felt anywhere from the striking surface to the tip, if it can be felt through the pommel, if there are any cuts or gouges in your weapon along striking/thrusting surfaces and wear and tear. If your weapons fail, you will have to use a weapon that has passed safety or repair your weapon into a safe condition. If your weapon passes, it will have a small sticker placed upon it with an initial and the date of inspection. The time period the sticker stays valid will be for a 30 day period or until next inspection until further notice.

    You can also ask to borrow a weapon from the npc stock, however there will be a condition set. Typically you can expect the condition to be the creation of a similar weapon you borrowed or a weapon npc camp needs. This will help players stay in the game, while also easing repairs and weapon availability for staff. An exception to this rule will be for new players who wish to pc, as they may have no weapons to speak of.

    As always, if you have any questions, concerns or need advice in general weapon care/creation, feel free to ask me. I look forward to seeing you all at Winterfest!


    I have a question/concern about the stickers used; have you tested them to make sure they won’t damage latex/plastidip weapons? From the sound of it we’ll be replacing these stickers almost monthly, which means peeling them off and I worry that might damage latex or plastidip, especially if they are strong enough to not fall off mid inspection period, considering LARP tends to be pretty rough on equipment. Also, if the sticker is placed on the hilt where it’ll be less likely to cause damage, chances of it falling/wearing off go way up, meaning it’ll likely have to be placed on the blade.
    Could maybe a marked ribbon or zip tie be available for latex/plastidip weapons and worry worts like myself?

    J’hunai Noquar

    We used blue ribbon in the past. Seemed to work pretty well.

    J'hunai Noquar
    Child of Earth Magic

    Dr. McLaughlin

    For Latex/plastidip weapons, I won’t be using stickers for that very reason. With the wide variety of weapons in latex, I was looking for a more rugged solution that didn’t put the weapon at risk or mess with it’s aesthetic, possibly just using some athletic tape around the handle with a date. Athletic tape gets sticky and gross though, so ribbons will do for now.

    Marley Sage

    Once we get some weapons that have been passed, posting up pictures of a weapon with the sticker affixed, a weapon with the ribbon affixed, and a picture of the sticker and ribbon themselves would be great.

    OOG: Marley Sage Gable, Staff Director & Plot Team Member

    PC: Rigel - Asurkian Bard ~ Alchemist Artificer

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