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      Hello everyone,

      I have compiled the various posts that detail the rules of posting on the IG boards into one post for easy reference.

      1 – Every post you make IG should be signed at the bottom of the post with the name of which character you are posting as. Without special plot permission, you must sign as your character. The name you have to sign with is the name that you are known as publicly by IG characters. This is justified IG by the magical properties of the Cerulean Boards, which allow posting only by verified identities.

      Please note that an automated signature is not sufficient. The reason being is that your signature changes across all posts when it is updated (as it is not part of the post itself, but your user profile).

      2 – Anything on the IG boards is in-game knowledge. That is, a character should not be posting their thoughts. If they slip up and post said thoughts, it is generally accepted that these thoughts will have been conveyed through body language (and complex hand signals if necessary), and thus everyone present will know of them.

      3 – Sometimes characters want to designate that something they post is only viewable by other player characters and not NPCs. The magical nature of the boards allow this, just as they cause someone who is not in Disguise to have the name by which they are widely known appended to the bottom of their Posts.

      To designate a post is only viewable to other player characters, please add two capital XX’s at the start of the topic name and add the following text at the top of the post:

      ((OOG Note: The XX designates that all posts/responses within this thread are visible only to non-retired PC Characters.))

      Please note that you can’t reply to a public post with a private, PC only reply.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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