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    Troy G

      Hello Northwatch,

      I am Farley Tibblesworth of house Tibblesworth in Akeron, I have recently purchased a property on the boarder of Falconcrest , Akeron, Ebrus and Westerland. The property is a lovely rustic fort that I think has the potential to be the best trade hub this world has ever seen! This opportunity is so good I have went to Caulder and Scale and bet my family’s fortune on it!

      Unfortunately we took a tour of the estate we purchased and turns out it is extremely haunted! I was unable to even stay one night in the fort with my accommodations. I had my butler pack up our camp and we left that very night.

      Adventures of NorthWatch I besiege you too assist me in this haunting of my family’s land. I will pay handsomely for the expulsion of these spirits.

      Meet me on the 29th at the fort and I will give you entrance into the fort.

      Farley Tibblesworth, House Tibblesworth

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