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    Matt Helms

    Back in STL I used to play a game called DaneBall with other boffer fighters.

    I’m sure it probably goes by other names, but here’s how it works:

    Usually a 20 foot by 10 foot open field, with a goal (Usually a tree) at each end.

    Total: at least 5 on each side.
    – One is “The Quick” who can only equip a dagger and touch the ball.
    – The other team members may equip any weapons/shields.

    No armor rules, hits are counted the same as if wearing no armor.

    Hit rules:
    Solid hit on arm/leg = loss of arm/leg for the duration of the current round.
    Solid or grazing hit on the torso, back, or side (including under the arm) = “death” (Walk off field until current round is over.)

    Types of team members:
    The “Quick” – The only one who can touch the ball, armed only with a dagger.
    – Objective – Get the ball to the opposing side’s goal without getting killed.

    Everyone else – They can be equipped with any weapon/shield and are NOT allowed to touch the ball.
    – Objectives: Kill the opposing team’s quick, get their quick to the ball and to the goal.

    Start of play:
    – Both Quicks start at the middle of the field.
    – All other team members start with their weapons touching their goal.
    – Ball is thrown onto the middle of the field and Quicks fight for possession of the ball.
    – Once one of the Quicks gains possession of the ball, all other team members from both teams can move towards the center of the field.

    Play continues until either the Quick gets the ball and tags the opposing team’s goal with it (scoring a point) or when both quicks are dead.
    – If a point is scored or both quicks are dead, reset and play again.
    – Continue until one team scores 5 points to win the match.

    Other start ideas:
    Quick and a guard at center, everyone else moves at possession.
    Quick and 2 guards at center, everyone else moves at possession.
    All team members start at their goal, everyone moves when the ball hits the ground.
    All team members start in middle of field, everyone moves when the ball hits the ground.
    Quicks in center, everyone else at their goals, everyone moves on “first blood” between battle of the 2 quicks

    Let me know what you think.

    Matt Helms
    aka RageWynd


    I have seen variations of this game several places. It is also referred to as Jugging, not to be confused with Juggalos (shudder). A quick Google search of “LARP Jugging” will provide many links to various forms/leagues/ideas. Here is a link to AmtGuard’s version of the rules of Jugging. If you are interested in trying to get something together I’d love to play something like this.

    It seems to come from an old Rutger Hauer movie from 1989 called “The Blood of Heroes” in the US and “Salute of the Jugger” internationally. My teenage self thought it was a cool action movie with very little plot. That probably means that the movie is a steaming pile, truly worthy of its 6.5/10 rating. I only recommend this movie if you are interested in a good laugh.

    However, It looks like a fun LARP game.


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    Matt Helms

    Yep, I’ve heard it being called Jugging from other groups.

    And there’s other variations of the rules such as specific people equipping certain weapons, different types of starts of game, etc.

    Either way, if you’re all interested in a game of DaneBall/Jugging, bring your weapons and let’s play one of these Saturdays. Let me know if you’re interested!

    Matt Helms

    Matt Helms

    If there’s enough interest, I’ll craft both daggers for the quicks and I’ll make a daneball for the game.

    Marley Sage

    I strongly suggest getting involved with one of the active local groups that play this regularly.

    It would be fun to try, but it’s pretty far outside the story-centric elements of Mythic Realms play.

    That said, I think it would be really cool for you to have your character to propose playing it in-game.


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    Matt Helms


    I understand that it’s not exactly in-line with Mythic Realms’s format… but I figured it would be a nice alternative for the group if they wanted to try something different.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that with Mythic Realms’s hit rules that it would run well since the quick would most likely make it to the goal before they lost HP.

    But, I wanted to throw it out there just in case there were some people in group that wanted to try it.


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