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      I felt it wouldn’t be amiss to update everyone on an investigation I went on in Lairroth with Rin, Rory, and Ghost. We went to investigate the Hollows, terrifying creatures that feed on fey and have been causing a large number of fey in Lairroth to go missing. During this investigation it was discovered that the Hollows had been pushed out of the Gladelands but are still very active, and Rin discovered a nest of five of them.

      These creatures are extremely fast, like Windigos, and quite powerful. A small group of seven Northwatch adventurers, including Kaine the Silver Strider, fought one in August of last year and it was an extremely tough fight, that ended with the creature getting away. I am not sure when the winds will align for such a task, but it would be prudent to take out this nest at some point in time. With how difficult it was to fight just one, I don’t think this is a task a small group could take on in our downtime, do we will likely need to tackle it as the town in full.

      Again, not sure when the winds will align for this, but figured I would share the information sooner rather than later.

      Sage Zyra Goldenmane



        Do you have information on how to best fight these creatures and what supplies should be gathered to prepare?




          I’m sorry, but I have basically no information on their weaknesses. Unfortunately the one group I know of that has actually managed to kill some of them is the Feravacuse, and they don’t exactly trust our town due to how some in our town sided with the Winter Court against them. I’ll try to do some research this month to see if I can find any information on them as the Fey, Darkness, who initially asked us to look into the matter did indicate this could be an ancient threat returned, so perhaps I can find something somewhere. All I know for sure from the combat with the one we did fight was it was ridiculously fast and preferred to run when it felt it was loosing instead of trying to fight to the last. Also they are more focused on Fey than anyone else, so Fey should not wander alone.

          Sage Zyra Goldenmane


            Hi friends!

            In regards to the Hollows…

            I helped Zyra, Rin, and Ghost in Lairroth in finding information and I thought I’d take a minute to share what I learned. I got word that a group of knights helped fight against the Hollows so I traveled to Nocturne and chatted with them over the course of a few days and gathered the following information.

            How did the you defeat the Hollows?
            Mostly brute force, armor, and a bit of necromancy to do things to keep it from running away when it started to get hurt. Betrayals, immobilize, enslave might have worked but they had mostly knights with them.

            Did they seem to have any weaknesses?
            Nothing abnormal. They were very fast and frequently used that to escape bad situations like after they were crowd controlled. They even sometimes turned into blurs after being tripped or maimed.

            What types of weapon sheaths/magic was most effective against them?
            They really only used pass or normal and both seemed to work.

            Do they travel in packs or solo?
            Solo exclusively. The only time they ran into more than one was near a nest. They seem to be very territorial even to their own kind unless there is a family need like breeding or upbringing.

            Obviously, the necromancy path will not be an option for us. But I think we could easily substitute that with the use of snares, traps, bombs, etc. Maybe?

            I hope this helps!

            Until Next Time,

            PC: Rory Brooker
            Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
            OOG: Chelsea Baldwin

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