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    Nick (Ghost)


      I believe I have found one of Suborns lairs in southern Falconcrest. Last week, two members of the Mages guild went missing who I sent to investigate a magical disturbance and reports of a pool of starry magic in southern Falconcrest. We worked with the Range Guard and were able to find the bodies. They were frostbitten and drained of blood.

      We conducted a thorough search of the area and found a partially written note that looked like it was quickly hidden. It was written on the paper the researchers took with them for notes, and there was just one word, vampire. I called in some favors with an old friend, and she sent some people who are very good at staying unseen.

      Based on what they found, I think one of Suborn’s more powerful servants has set up lair for some reason. It doesn’t look like it is meant to be permanent, so it is likely they will leave soon. I’m going to lead a group from Guild and Range Guard, and was hoping you would join us. Essentially, I need a powerful group to act as the tip of the spear and strike the heart of their stronghold.

      Anyone willing to help me please meet me tomorrow morning, after sunrise is the best time to go after a Vampire.

      Reginald Manyhome
      Sage of Falconcrest

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