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      Allies of Northwatch,

      After years of work and dedication, your allies who walked the Pale Dreams have triumphed over the Pale One.

      Though this victory did not come without cost.

      Squire, Zyra, Sibella, Maggie, and Thorin chose to sacrifice themselves to ensure the Pale One would never threaten Terath again.

      The Pale One cast a ritual that made cyclic creatures near it no longer cyclic in an attempt to dissuade them, but they were not deterred. They chased it into a planer prison created by Zyra, and then sealed the realm behind them.

      To ensure it could not escape, no exit was created, and Travel magic warps near the realm due to the dream magic used to create it. Prohibiting any from entering to confirm their fates (we tried to get in and cannot, which is a testament to their dedication to ending this threat).

      They entered knowing it was likely a one way trip.

      I call on all to raise a glass, in celebration of their accomplishments and memory.

      Representative of the Mages of I


        Wait…so they’re just stuck there? No way to get them out?


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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