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      Just thought others would like to know more about the glowing headband wire you can get. I just built a new headband with both blue and yellow glowing wire from this website:


      You need what are called “Drivers” or “Inverters” that are battery powered to make the wire glow.
      I just bought this one:

      Coin battery inverter

      it will run between 12 and 18 inches of wire (Though you could probably get away with 2 feet)

      You can then buy wire by the foot here:
      Colored El Wire

      I recommend the 1.4mm for the coin battery inverter, thicker wire requires more power.

      You have to get a connector attached to the wire that is compatible with the inverter. You can buy those and solder them on your self (They have tutorial videos that show you how to do that) or pay them $6 per wire to have them do it for you.

      All in all, these wires are great! But it is a bit pricey depending on what you do. With shipping, I spent almost $40 to make a combo yellow and blue head band. But to those wanting a more permanent solution to the dirt cheap, one time use, glowing headbands, this is a great one!



        A little follow up for the coin battery inverter listed above:

        I did a test to see how long the battery life lasts with that inverter and I now no longer recommend it. The wire glowed for about 90 minutes before running out of power, and although the batteries are fairly cheap ($2.69 for a 10 pack from the same website), it is no more convenient to buy batteries before a weekender then to buy glow bands.

        There are other, larger, inverters that may be more worth while since they can use rechargeable AA or AAA, but are heavier to attach to a head band. For those interested in trying either of those types out, I am listing the links here:

        AAA battery Inverter

        AA battery Inverter (like my old one)

        I plan on trying out the AAA one at some point in the future. If someone else does, I’d love to hear what they thought of it.

        However, if you only use a head band a few minutes per event, then even the coin battery driver should last you a long time between replacements.



          These would make beautiful Circle of Life props at weekenders, as well.

          Thanks for the info!


          Marley Sage

            My thoughts exactly.

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              Oh man, are we ever Spiritualists.

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