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    Nick (Ghost)

      Hey Northwatch,

      I’ve messed up pretty big lately, especially with everything involving the Echo forest and the other aspects of my life that I’m still sorting out. One of my major blunders has been in how I’ve communicated about my actions, and I want to make things right with all of you. I should have thought more carefully about lots of things, like bonding to a node in the Echo forest, the choices I made while researching my condition, and not consulting others before making decisions that, unintentionally, put not only my closest friends but all of you at risk. It was a terrible thing to do, even if risking Cyrillia wasn’t my intention.

      Specifically, I shouldn’t have tried to withhold information from the wandering shrine. I was afraid that people in town would make rushed decisions that would disrespect the sacrifice of Spectyr, Lenny, and Seraphina. In hindsight, I should have trusted you all with the information and let you make informed decisions. That one’s on me.

      For the most part out side of that, I don’t mean to keep everyone in the dark; I just assume most people wouldn’t be interested in my various goings on, and don’t want to bother them with the details. I realize now that was a mistake.

      To make amends, I’m open to hearing your thoughts on how I can be more supportive and trustworthy. Whether it’s discussing my intentions with a few trusted individuals before making decisions or making more public posts on the boards, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. If you have better ideas on how I can be more transparent or make you feel safer when adventuring with me, please share.

      I’m truly sorry for the risks that Seraphina, Lenny, and Spectyr took on my behalf, risks that unfortunately didn’t pan out well. While their choices were ultimately theirs, I should have outlined the risks more clearly and done more to ensure decisions weren’t made hastily. I also should have prioritized the safety of those trying to help me. I’d appreciate any input on how to make things right for them.

      If anyone has suggestions on directions I can explore to fix things, I’m all ears.

      – Echo

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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