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      Hello again, my family!

      I’ve made a whole big ol’ bunch of preparations, and I think we are finally ready to delve into the Blood Sanctum! You can find it at #11 on the eastern edge of the map!

      As I mentioned a few weeks ago, your tree-tapping efforts have resulted in a new-fangled anti-curse facility which has manifested atop the Echo Forest Blood Node that Spectyr is bound to.

      Very strangely, it seems like deadly creatures are somehow pouring up from beneath it into the facility. So the idea is that we’ll go into the Echo Forest, investigate & clear out your (Spectyr’s?) Blood Sanctum, and then delve into the depths below to see what’s going on down in the dark. I can already tell you that there is some powerful magic down there , but I’m really starting to get the sense that there is powerful magic hidden below the surface of the Echo Forest everywhere you go.

      On that very note, I’ve consulted The Solarium (Camilla, the Magic Library) as well as a few others, and I’ve executed some significant enchanted runic ensorcellements to set the stage for our effort to bring sunshine into the dark brooding heart of the malevolent Whisper which pulses into eternal hunger at the center of the Forest. Yay! We are going to turn that frown upside down! And if that doesn’t work, I suppose we’ll go with Egan’s plan and just try to overwrite The Whisper’s identity completely! Or at least that’s the idea. I’m hoping that once we examine the subterranean powers beneath the Blood Sanctum then we’ll have a better idea of what we are up against.

      The Wandering Shrine (aka Wishhhhh)

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