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      Hi all,

      The previous post has been lost to time, so we are reposting the downtime rules for the Cyrillia Campaign as they differ from the Clockwork Campaign rules. We will update this post when things change.

      One of the core philosophies of this campaign is that the most important decisions, events and information will go in during in person events. Downtime is intended to augment your game experience, not be the focus of it.

      It is also very optional, and not doing it should never put your character at a disadvantage. This is because important decisions and critical information will generally only be part of downtime for personal plot (and the plot team won’t run personal plot in a way you don’t want to participate in).

      Here are the current guidelines we use for downtime:

      1 – Each player gets 1 Major and 1 Minor downtime action each month. Downtime can only be for one character, so if a player has multiple characters, they must choose who gets downtime that month and cannot split it up. You must have played the character at an event at least one time before submitting downtime for them.

      This is to help represent that your character doesn’t have infinite time, energy or resources. Major or Minor are simply to help convey to the plot team how important the thing you are working on is to your character, and how much of their time and focus they put towards it.

      The plot team is a small group, and as a policy we only actively run plot for one character per player. This is because we don’t have the time or bandwidth to do more than that (we have a lot of players and all would like plot attention).

      2 – Downtime cannot be used to spy on other characters or learn things about them. The plot team will only share downtime information if it is a group downtime. If multiple players submit downtime in the same place, the plot team may opt to provide some shared downtime information if the characters cross paths. This is at the discretion of the person running that downtime.

      If you want to learn more about other characters, you will need to pursue that in game.

      Note: You can speak to the player of the character about your characters desire to follow/stalk/hunt them. You can run this RP yourselves and the plot team does not need to be involved.

      3 – Downtime cannot be used to alter events that have already taken place, it isn’t time travel. If you wait to submit your downtime until after something has happened (such as the attack and occupation of Adwine’s Crossing), you will not be able to alter those events. Your character could have been there, but the plot team will not rewind things that have already gone in game. So even if your character has the ring of “Solving that Problem”, you will need to think of a reason why you didn’t use it, or why it didn’t work.

      4 – Downtime is not a replacement for going on modules. There are many places in the game world you can go during downtime, and some that you just can’t. For example, the Ruins of Ku’Vahl are to dangerous to go during downtime unless there is a specific exception in place (such as Wish). Even with exceptions though, downtime is typical limited to specific things as the area may still not be fully open (again, Wish is a good example of this as when it teleports people to Ku’Vahl it is generally to a specific place they cannot leave from unless it is to go back to Northwatch).

      5 – Downtime is answered within 30 days of receiving the email. While it could be answered sooner than that, the plot team wants to set the expectation that downtime responses may not come quickly. The plot team may also opt to talk to you about your downtime in person, at an event or at an open house. When this happens, an email response will not be provided.

      6 – Downtime responses and the success of your downtime reflects the reality that there is no risk to your character. Unless it is announced at the start of the downtime that there is risk to your character, your character cannot be killed during downtime or loose their gear. Even if it is announced, this is not something an individual member of the plot team will do unless they have the support of the whole team, as playing mythic via text doesn’t work very well (as we experienced during the lockdown when we played via discord).

      Typically, skills, abilities, items, consumables, rituals, artifice, etc. cannot be used during downtime unless the person running it makes an exception.

      The plot team reserves the right to assign costs to downtime.

      7 – Downtime is conducted via email. This is so the plot team can track downtime and refer back to it (which we often do). Members of the plot team may be willing to do downtime in person rather than via email, but that will be determined by the person running that downtime.

      8 – Exceptions can be made to any of the above rules as the plot team deems appropriate.

      Please keep in mind that we are constantly refining and updating Downtime to make sure it works as the plot team intends, and is subject to change.

      Thank you,
      The Cyrillia Campaign Plot Team

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