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      I’ve talked to several people, and had some show interest, but wanted to get a complete list together for people willing and able to go try to check on Shrine’s old vessel. If you are able and willing, please reply to this posting.

      Sage Zyra Goldenmane

      Nick (Ghost)

        I would be happy to in March

        – Second


          Hi Zyra!

          I will come and help in March.


          PC: Rory Brooker
          Retired PC: Sibella R. Listrotov
          OOG: Chelsea Baldwin


            I would happily volunteer, seeing as we almost always find wonderful trinkets and treasures in the blasted remains of the old city, but the last time I tried to go into the Ruins of Ku’Vahl with a group of less than a dozen people… well we quickly found ourselves outmatched by the horrific creatures which dwell there. I fear that it would be a waste of time unless we are able to put together a significant number of our fiercest adventurers.

            That said, if you manage to gather a dozen of our folks, you can likely count me as your thirteenth, unless of course I’m already off elsewhere spending time with the druids doing foresty things.

            Edwin Barsavi
            Alderman of Northwatch
            Merchant of The Guild
            Falconcrest Tax Collector
            Protector of The Forests


              Thank you to those that are willing to go, but there is much less interest than I hoped and than needed as Savi pointed out, so I don’t think we will be able to go.

              Sage Zyra

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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