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    Brave Heroes of NorthWatch,

    It is my belief that most of you are familiar with the strange spirit-infused Golem known as The First Guardian of Ku’vahl, and that many of you may be aware that the golem has been captured and now serves the will of an enemy known as Magus Arcetiomas. It is also my understanding that a number of you possess the ‘Mark of Ku’Vahl’, which creates a bond between you and the creatures which defend the old ruins.

    The short of it is that we now know that the First Guardian is somehow hiding on Invlatius Isle, known also as The Spirit Isle, and we have learned that we will need help from those possessing the Mark of Ku’Vahl in order to find the spirit-infused golem’s exact location.

    For those unfamiliar with the Golem that we seek, I can tell you that the creature is an ancient warden of the city, capable of forging & bonding new golem defenders. Though the once-great city of Ku’Vahl was destroyed through the wrath of dragons a millennium ago, this “First Guardian” contains spiritual echoes from denizens long dead and exists solely to protect the ruins, warding and shielding the most dangerous magical forces which remain within the ruined city. Or at least, it did so until recent events laid the golem low. For the First Guardian also served as a fierce ally in a battle against the Arch-Lich Tal Sigor, known to most as The Father of Night. And in that battle the golem was struck down and lost, only to have been salvaged, magically twisted, and rebuilt by Magus Arcetiomas to serve a purpose that still remains hidden.

    I have learned from others within The Argent Tide that the enemy known as Magus Arcetiomas poses a great threat which unfortunately cannot be easily spoken of. What’s more, in a way I feel that we all owe the First Guardian a debt for fighting to the very last in the battle against The Father of Night. And so during the last few days, a few people from your town coordinated with the Gypsy Warden Sonya and the Hero Valdimarr D’Angelo in order to activate a powerful relic capable of revealing the First Guardian’s whereabouts.

    This relic revealed that the First Guardian can be found by traveling to the Spirit Isle, (I’m told also affectionately dubbed by some as “Piña Colada Island”) and it will be critical that those bearing the Mark of Ku’Vahl are present, as you will be the ones capable of pinpointing the First Guardian’s exact location. I am also told that the Faded magic of The Labyrinth Beyond is somehow involved as well, though I will leave it to the arcane scholars among you to determine how you might best prepare yourselves.

    I will travel to Northwatch immediately, and two nights hence, I will be ready to open the way to the isle for those who are prepared.

    Caspian Skylark
    The Argent Tide


    While I may not have a Mark of Ku’vahl, I owe it to the First Guardian to help out. I will help you in whatever capacity that I am able.

    Jovi Smash, The Spring Warrior, descendant of Camarus Smash, son of Karthúr Smash

    “Smash only that which is deserving of all your might!”- Karthúr Smash

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    Michael K Ricks

    This pains me that I will not be able to help!

    I have had a close relationship with the First Guardian of Ku’Vahl. He was a mentor to me for nearly two years as I acclimated to the world of Cyrillia. During that time I was also bore the Mark of Ku’Vahl.
    Since then I have pursued the Faded Realm magical arts.

    Once again I feel like such an opportunity will be missed to help locate and restore the First Guardian. I am willing to help where I can.

    -Ergo The Magnificent

    Boji Smash

    I do not have the mark of Ku’Vahl but perhaps my limited knowledge of magic can help.

    Sanjuro Kurosawa

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