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    Hello everyone! Here are things you can volunteer for and when we need help!

    Haunt Actors: we could always use help with actors. Call time is 5pm on nights we are open. You will be put into a role, get costume and makeup on, go through warmups and head to your room where you will act until close. We are open from 7:30pm to 11:00pm most of september. Please wear all black with black shoes and bring a water bottle!! Brayden is the Zone Leader for zone 3 if you would like to be near him. Alec Lange is the director.

    Ticketing: We don’t need help till October with ticketing, but please contact me if you are interested. We could use a lot help during weekends in oct. Call time is 7:15 (differs depending on day) and you will be in the booth outside of castle looking up bookings, making bookings, and giving people their wristbands and glow sticks. Naomi Pena is the manager

    Chaos Ambassadors: This is our new program that is solely made for customer service. You will be making sure people have signed waivers, directing people to the correct line, telling people rules before heading into the haunt, and handling concessions. Of course you won’t be doing all of this at once but you will be rotating throughout the night. Call time is 7pm (differs depend on day) I believe. Amber Hill is the manager for that.

    Security (+18): I personally don’t know how much help they need I will update tonight

    Makeup: I’m not sure how much help they need in makeup for September but I will update tonight. You don’t have to be amazing at makeup but at least have some experience. Call time is 4:30 and you will likely be needed after close to help remove prosthetics. You will need to be able to imitate pre designed makeup looks and be able to make your own if needed. Nichol Judson is the director for makeup and costumes.


    17th-18th 7:30-11:00
    24th-25th 7:30-11:00
    30th 7:30-10:00

    1st-2nd 7:00-12:00
    7th 7:30-10:00
    8th-9th 7:00-12:00
    10th 7:30-10:00
    14th 7:30-10:00
    15th-16th 7:00-12:00
    17th-21st 7:30-10:00
    22nd-23rd 7:00-12:00
    24th 7:30-11:00
    25th-26th 7:30-10:00
    27th-28th 7:30-11:00
    29th-30th 7:00-12:00
    31st 7:30-11:00

    Call times:
    Actors – 5:00
    Makeup – 4:30
    Ticketing – 7:15 on nights we open at 7:30 and 6:45 on nights we open at 7
    Chaos Ambassadors – 7-7:15 on nights we open at 7:30 and 6:30-6:45 on nights we open at 7
    Security – TBD

    Ticketing needs help these nights in October:
    Needs one more person: 15th-16th, 22nd-23rd, 29th-31st
    Needs two more people: 25th, 27th-28th

    Please message me either on here, discord, or on messenger if you are interested and want more info on anything!!

    “If you are caught, you deserve to be punished” They/Them
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    Update! Ticketing needs 2 more people on the 30th and 3 more people on the 31st

    “If you are caught, you deserve to be punished” They/Them
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