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    Expectations probably isnt the right word, but im having a brain fart as to what the right word is, so back in my adventure quest days for their weekenders, everyone was expected to bring their own tent, food, anything they would need for the weekend, ive seen talk here about you guys providing a portapotty for privacy, a tavern tent, and i swear i saw at least one post about paying for food…

    so what is a list of things we need to provide for ourselves for those of us who have not done a weekender yet?… and IF you guys provide food, is the area we are going to allowing fires to be built so we can bring our own food and cook it, even if its in a portable fire pit or bbq?

    What are any rules for the area, is it private property? Blm land? What is mythic realms rules for weekenders, im assuming fairly similar to adventure quests… some shed light or guidance would be much appreciated


    Excellent questions!

    The first and last weekend events will be taking place in Middle Canyon, Tooele. This land is managed by Tooele County Parks and Trails.

    The 2nd and 3rd weekend events are taking place on private land owned by Larry and Valerie Ward.

    Mythic has a large pavilion we set up for the weekend that serves as the tavern, as well as some 10 x 10 pop ups that we use to represent guild buildings. You can choose to eat tavern food, and the cost is $20 for the event (paid during check it or pre-pay) plus some IG coin when you eat (whoever cooks determines the IG cost).

    For the Middle canyon weekends, campfire restrictions are determined by Tooele county parks and trails. The only restrictions currently is that the fire must be in an established fire pit. So one will need to be created if you want to have a camp fire as our site doesn’t have any established fire pits.

    For the Ward’s land, you will need to ask them if they will allow ground campfires.

    As far as mythic rules go, we ask that before a fire pit is created you check with people and make sure it isn’t going to be in a high traffic area or too close to tents/pavilions.

    Please note that there are no restrictions on camping stoves, gas or charcoal grills in middle canyon (and probably not for the Ward’s land either, but I can’t speak for them).

    We also typically let players use the tavern equipment to cook their own food, provided they don’t do it during tavern mealtimes and they commit to clean everything they use.

    Mythic will also try to get a porta potty to the weekend site (pending someone able to haul it up there) as there are no facilities.

    You will need to supply your own sleeping accommodations and camping gear. You will need your PC equipment(costume, weapons, makeup, headbands, spell packets, etc) just as you would for a normal module.



    There is a firepit on our land that can be used as long as the fire warning isn’t too high in the area


    We also intend to bring a gas stovetop that I am willing to let people use as long as they clean up.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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