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    J Kern

      While trying to decide which class to take,  I noticed that in the Battle Mage description it says that they can,”sending forth deadly magic from their hands and weapons as easily as breathing.”

      Yet, I did NOT see in their levels where they gain the ability to cast through their weapons.

      “as easily as breathing” would suggest 1st level… but it doesn’t say.

      Please clarify.

      Josh K.

      Grant M

        I wont be able to comment on the issue with them not being able to cast through weapon. But I do know that in-game, a lot of groups/classes do not consider you a true Battlemage/White Knight/etc until you hit level 3 of that class.


        You can think of them being a squire or Assassin-in-training until they graduate at lvl 3. So I can see that being considered a lvl 3 ability, since they may not be a true Battlemage until that point. (All conjecture of other classes I have worked with since I do not know the actual in-game lore for Battlemage.)

        Hope that sort of helps. And if they are not intended to be able to cast through their weapon, we might need to clean up their description fluff found in the Book of Heroes.  Lets wait till Gomez comments on that portion.

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          Battle mages cannot cast through their weapons. If they could, it would be at level 2 as that is (currently) the level any class that gains that ability unlocks it.

          The flavor text was added long after classes were created for the current rules system and the writer likely mixed up battle mage with Elementalist (since Elementalist can purchase the ability to cast through weapons).


          Marley Sage

            Outdated descriptions strike again, oh no! 😉

            Not to worry though: a fresh batch of delicious new flavor text is on the menu, just as soon as the Class Playtest is done unfolding!

            We’ll hew to traditional blurbs but make sure to eliminate errors like the battlemage wielding magic through their weapons implication.

            In the meantime, think of those Class descriptions more as in-game Tavern Talk or Legends. In the case of the Battlemage, the spreader of this myth likely did confuse the object of the story with an Elementalist or didn’t know they may have wielded a magic orb or harnessed unique environmental energies to achieve that feat.

            If anyone enjoys writing Class blurbs or has specific ideas for how Battlemage or other classes might stand to be reworded, we’d welcome comments for the next few months.  Don’t hesitate to post up examples or proposals or criticisms!

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            J Kern

              OK.  Second level makes sence as mentioned… that’s when the other classes get things like that.

              Thanks for the clarification!

              Marley, I’d love to talk to you about those “Seers” that came up between Valadamir and Uncle when you have the time.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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