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      I made a thing, because I like making spreadsheet things. It was originally made in Google Sheets so not sure how playful the Excel version of it will be, but I figured it may be useful to some (especially those signing logistics who don’t have all the number memorized or posses a calculator of a brain).

      It’s a basic crafting calculator, it can’t handle artifice, but it does cover all the 7 base crafting skills, just plug in your level of the crafting and how much you are debating on making of each and it’ll give you total calculations so you’ll know how much to turn in at logistics, it even includes the components. For the overall costs you’ll only need the main sheet (“Sheet1”) but if you want to know how much a of a number of one thing costs you can check the “Calculating Page”.

      See attached


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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