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    Bannor of Harrowheim,

    I have heard of your attempts to stop the Dragon Vor’Shendu from escaping from his imprisonment.

    I believe that I can assist you. I have heard from the Tavernkeep, Zolon, of a place where his Dragon, Ethereal Eyes, had previously made a lair and secluded some of his things. After discussing this at length with Zolon, he agrees that his master would have supported our cause and has given his permission and support for our endeavor.

    Unfortunately, this place is warded against beings of power. But, after having spoken with Zolon, I believe that I can reduce the wards to allow you to enter and collect the items of draconic power that lay within.

    In addition to potentially obtaining items that will support your–and many of your comrades–goal of stopping the Vor’Shendu, Zolon has agreed that anything else that is found is yours to keep.

    Further, there is an item that may be of some significance to me contained in this area. I will happily bargain with you for it’s safe return to me.

    I am also interested in meeting with you, and the members of your town, to discuss your current research and how we may help each other.

    I will meet you at your town on the 22nd of this month and look forward to our mutual gain.

    -Parrun, the Brass Mind


    To Parrun, the Brass Mind

    The adventurers of NorthWatch are always eager to meet new allies. I hear it said that you’re some kind of researcher, so perhaps we’ll help you research your way to the bottom of a flagon of mead when you visit.

    To Raven, Talos, Mort, Jovi, Wizard Zyra, Tarquin, Sir Do’argo, and really anyone else who has invested connections to call upon:

    If you can, I think it’d be a good thing to rally some commitments from the Ashen Cloth, The Argent Tide, Soldiers of The Rhouman Guard, Falconcrest Nobility, Wizards of The Rhouman Guard, The Terathian Vigil, Blades of Scorn, and whoever else you know that doesn’t want NorthWatch to end up as a red smear on the ground.

    The way I hear it, The Abyssal Dragon Vor’Shendu had his plans very heavily interfered with by adventurers in NorthWatch six or seven years ago, and it is plain as day that once he gets his jaws out of the vice, he’ll be ready to burn our little outpost to the ground. Now, that was before my time, and likely before most of yours as well, but Vor’Shendu ain’t one to be bothered by a little thing like details when it comes to picking which villages to burn.

    The fact is, we need to circle up on this. Though The Brass Mind may have directed his letter to me, Vor’Shendu has to be everyone’s problem, or he is going to really be everyone’s problem.

    Bannor of Harrowheim


    Parrun, the Brass Mind,

    I would be happy to assist Bannor and you in this endeavor. It sounds like this foe should stay imprisoned.


    Do you suppose you could possible share more information on this Abyssal Dragon Vor’Shendu? I searched the World Library and even old post on the Cyrillian boards and he is barely mentioned, and I have only heard briefly from you about this dragon. It may be beneficial to know more details, like what goals he has other than destroying Northwatch and how he was previously imprisoned before we reach out to allies so that we know what we are reaching out to them for.


    ~Zyra Golenmane

    Michael Dempsey


    I have already pledged my support to Bannor in his endeavors to assist Dragon-kind. This enemy is certainly an enemy who should at the very least stay imprisoned, at best should be destroyed outright. We can discuss strategies over the flagon of mead Bannor spoke of. I will see you tonight.


    I will reach out to Caspian or Squire Dagon and see what the Argent Tide can do regarding this matter.

    See you tonight

    Talos Avarici



    I’ll see what I can do assist in this manner.

    Bannor, I’m unsure what the Blades of Scorn can do against a dragon, but I’ll see what my Lord Scorn can do in means of resources or people

    -Sir Do’argo Jarstahe, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn

    "Vengeance is just an echo of the victim's own crime, and I am their voice" Do'Argo Jarsthae, Black Knight of the Blades of Scorn

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