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      This notice is for those that assisted Dargum by crossing the low level barrier near the beginning of Summer.

      During that mission we acquired Dragon bone. Specifically:
      -10 Shards of Dragon Bone
      -1 Dragon Fang
      -2 Dragon Horns

      Involved Adventurers:
      No one has reached out to me on this item, and seeing that it must be used soon I ask that those involved reach out to me before the end of this month. If you were not involved, don’t bother lying about it. I have a list.

      Dargum has already stated that he can make weapons and armor with these, so if you are interested in those please reach out to him and see what he needs.

      If you are able to do anything specific with these parts, please post it here or reach out to me. Many of us who recieved this item are still fresh to town, and I believe everyone would appreciate suggestions. It can be quite overwhelming otherwise.

      Anything that is not claimed I will be using for the benefit of the town, and will see about having items made for newer adventures that were not able to attend the first mission.

      Please put a notice here or reach out to me. Again, you have until the end of this month.


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