April 21st Social Distancing Fireside (Simultaneous Discord)

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(this is a test to see if people like having a poll simple click to sign up option, it is suggested if you are PCing you still comment with which character if you have multiple so Plot can tailor events according to planned attendance, but the poll will hopefully help with coin count)

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    PC Gluteus

    Slayer of Heroes

    Brayden ~ PC ~ Malestrazza

    Grant M

    Grant – PC Valeron

    Grant Martin
    Please see my profile for contact information
    Valeron Avarici, Human, Merchant Guild Leader
    Kovac Baford, Elentari, Member of Brotherhood of the Dark Star
    If you need help coding your signature, please ask me


    Regarding NPCs, there will not be any combat at this fireside event, and we don’t currently have plans for any additional NPC characters beyond those that the Plot Team is bringing in. That said, if there is a specific NPC character that you’d like to bring in for some Roleplay relating to a plot that you are running, you are absolutely welcome to do so.


    Mike M.


    Marshall PC Jovi Smash


    As a reminder to people we will not be inside but in the backyard. So when you get to my house the best way to do that is to go down Gomo’s driveway and go through the gate there. This is between our two houses and there is a wooden fence near the end.

    Troy G

    I will be about 20 minutes late but I will be there

Viewing 7 posts - 17 through 23 (of 23 total)
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