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      Greetings and salutations Northwatch!

      I must sincerely apologize for my prolonged silence. After you saved my life, it has taken time to put the pieces of what happened back together. I believe that task is complete though, and I have been able to put my house back in proper order.

      Though those responsible managed to escape, I have been able to mitigate much of the damage done.

      There remains only one task left, and that is to thank you properly. I would like to formally invite the adventurers of Northwatch to a Winterfest celebration. The time and date of the celebration will be the evening of Friday, February 23rd. In honor of the Chindian tradition of the Masked Sailors, this celebration will be a masquerade.

      The exact story of this tradition will be explained at the onset of the celebration, so I won’t go into it here.

      We will begin with dinner, and then, the games will begin! I have thought long and hard about the games, and believe I have found one suitable for those who saved my life.

      I look forward to welcoming you properly to my home this time.

      May the waves bring you safely,
      Lord Hector Vazquez

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