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      I’ll be trying to go to the Ethlin Isles in the coming months to try to get some books and pages about anti abysal and old Mystic rituals and knowledge. The issue is that this knowledge is being held by a highly esteemed family high up in the tower and they have no intention of sharing. Dame Silmarwen wants to help assist but to-do so, she needs help. Many artifacts, belongings, and heirlooms were lost during Typhons attacks on the Isles over ten years ago. Silmarwen is finding out what esteemed families are hoping to locate said things in the ruins. Members of Northwatch are welcome to go and track them down. In return, Silmarwen gains diplomatic clout and will hopefully, in time, be able to request the use of this knowledge lost from Dalric’s lost library.

      In the early months of this year I was doing this merely to gain back lost knowledge that could possibly help Terath against possible abysal threats but now Wess and I need it much more urgently due to a condition brought onto us by us getting bit and turned by Suborn. We’re on a timer before things could start going bad for us. Any help on this task would be very welcome. I’ll be trying to go as much as a can each month and would appreciate any help available.
      Thank you

      Rin Shay’Raj

      ((Oog note. This would simply take downtime. Minor or Major each month. Feel free to message me here or on Discord if your character is willing to aid in this downtime. I’d be happy to be the one sending in a email with anyone willing to participate. ))

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