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    Fellow adventurers,

    I just received a troubling pigeon from Wizard Vor Barra about a Gargoyle attack on some apprentice mages of the Wizards of the Rhouman Guard. Apparently one of the gargoyles that attacked seemed made of shadows, or in shadowform. Rin mentioned seeing something shadowy with gargoyle wings in a mirror last week, and Valeron mentioned a shadow creature with wings and red eyes appearing a couple weeks ago.

    When it attacked it said “With regards from Northwatch”. Does anyone know what’s going on with this or has anyone been playing with Shadow Magic or something that could have accidentally released/pissed off a Shadow Gargoyle creature? I haven’t seen it myself, and will likely start trying to look into it myself, but I really don’t even know where to start. I don’t have skills in tracking and don’t readily how to find it. Maybe this is tied to the whole Leaf thing considering he has been using Gargoyles?

    Anyways, any help and leads would be great, this has me worried, having something attack people, allies even, in our name is far from good.


    Book-small ~ Zyra Goldenmane


    The first time we were attacked by the shadowy creature, I searched for tracks but they almost seemed to fade away. I don’t think regular tracking will be helpful. I will send a message to a few people who deal in such things and ask for advice.

    It may also be prudent for people part of organizations to warn them in advance so they know we are not involved.



    I’ve written the Ashen Cloth regarding these occurences.


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    I ran into this thing in May. It was leading some Necromancers who were masquerading as bandits to kidnap people for rituals. They had already performed some blood rituals with animals however. This village was near where Sgt Garin took everyone back in May or April with the fertile area if anyone remembers, I think it’s the same place the rashes appeared.


    Thank you Rin and Jovi,

    I guess I should update my own posts with the new information. We actually temporarily defeated this “gargoyle” in the Dream Realm. When we did so we were able to discover that it was actually a creation made by Leaf Lightfoot, using a powerful gargoyle as a template and Reshi, or what remains of him. It was brought down, but went back to somewhere, maybe to Reshi’s body or to Leaf, kind of like a lich or those Candleborn we recently had to deal with.

    Book-small~Zyra Goldenmane

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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