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      To The Society of Adam,

      We at The Order of Aether have a bit of a delicate situation on our hands, and our contacts speak highly of your capabilities in dealing with delicate situations.

      In our order we dedicate ourselves to the study of Aether, and the objects and creatures that possess it. We have recently received the remains of a great aether beast, and have begun examining it. The autopsy and experiments we have performed upon the carcass have led us to many interesting discoveries about the beast’s nature and abilities, which may make neutralizing it and other beasts similar to it much easier.

      Recently one of the aether hunters of our order by the name of Blair Newman has stolen a chunk of the creature and has holed up in a section of the London underground. We believe they intend to devour this piece of flesh and use the power they gain to their own ends. The power in question would give the aether hunter enhanced physical speed, endurance, and strength, but at a cost. The more of the creature a subject eats, the more violent and animalistic they become, to the point where they become more monster than person.

      Were Blair Newman to consume all of the sample that he has taken from us, we believe that there would be little left of them but another hulking aether beast. This cannot be allowed to happen.

      We cannot take care of this ourselves as a recent event has incapacitated a large number of our own aether hunters, so we turned to The Crown who has suggested The Society of Adam as a group that might be able to help us in their stead.

      We would of course reward you handsomely for your efforts if you were able to subdue Blair Newman and bring them to us alive or otherwise. Furthermore, if you could return the sample of the aether creature to us unchewed, we would also be willing to help procure resources for your group that may be suitably enticing. Under no means should you consume the sample or even let your skin hold contact with it for too long, the effects would be greatly detrimental to your health.

      Should you be interested, we will be sending a representative to The Society of Adam to discuss the details with you further on the evening of Wednesday the 24th.

      Your discretion in this situation would be greatly appreciated, we don’t need to concern the general populace with thoughts of aether beasts running loose on London.


      The Order of Aether

      Time for some thrilling heroics!

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