A Fond Farewell to Lord Bort Bitterbeer

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      It is with a heavy heart that I would announce the passing of Lord Bort Bitterbeer. For more than a decade he has sat upon my council of closest advisors, helping to direct the growth and prosperity of our great Kingdom.

      Lord Bitterbeer was instrumental in the rebuilding of Akeron after the destruction of the Mad Seer, who pacted with demonkind for power. After the majority of the royal family was killed by the Mad Seer, Lord Bitterbeer worked tirelessly for years to seek out those who had gone into hiding and brought them to safety.

      I was among that number, and I would not be here today if not for his noble and selfless actions. Under his guidance, Akeron has grown and prospered. Lord Bitterbeer oversaw our reconstruction and helped lead us to greater profitability than we have ever known.

      Prior to the great Pale War, when I and other leaders departed Terath it was Lord Bitterbeer who was named as the Steward of Akeron. In my absence, he lead and protected our Kingdom with the same care and determination he was known for in all things.

      He began his journey as a humble tavernkeeper. Using naught but his wits he grew in power, wealth and influence until there were none in the mercantile circles of both Lairroth and Terath who didn’t know his name.

      We say our final farewell, and as he would have wanted, raise a final drink in his name and toast his memory. Let us never forget, the courage, the cunning, and the kindness of Bort Bitterbeer.

      Let him always be known as the Steward of Akeron.

      Jezal Brisseus
      King of Akeron

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