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    Grant M


      It seems like Haven will need your expertise in the ability… to complete your goals. One of the merc companies working underneath me is having troubles stopping the barbarian excursions into Haven. They seem to skip right past them like they teleport beyond them. I dont have the time to send my own men to solve this problem, but there are extra funds to hire outside forces to assist. While the excursions into Haven have calmed down, the ‘threat’ of having a way past one of the defense forces needs to be removed. I will be at Northwatch on Wednesday to collect a few of you to help fix this gap in the defense of Haven.

      Black Marauders



        Have there been any reports of strange gatherings of mist in the area, or any sightings of the enemy that might be notable? It could help narrow down the possibilities and make solving the problem easier.

        I plan on being in Northwatch this Wednesday to help if you want to discuss further then as well.

        Wess Morgan
        Black Marauders

        Time for some thrilling heroics!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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