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      Hi all,

      Here are the initial dates for the 2024 weekender season:

      May 31 – June 2 – Run by full Terath Plot Team
      June 21 – June 23 – Run by Nick & Raven
      July 12 – July 14 – Run by Troy
      August 2 – August 4 – Run by Clockwork
      August 16 – August 18 – Run by Mike, Steve, & Barrus
      August 23 – August 25 – Run by Mike, Steve, & Barrus

      These are the initial dates based on runner availability and spread out so we have at least 3 weeks in between each one.

      Trying to schedule an event that works for 30-50 people means that the dates won’t work for everyone, but we do have some flexibility so please let us know of any conflicts and we will see if adjustments can be made.

      Thank you,
      The Terath Plot Team

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        Proposed update:

        We have been asked to consider changing the August 23rd weekend to August 16th (the week before). While the runners are able to facilitate the change, it means there are only 2 weeks between the last two weekenders.

        We would like player feedback on this, and will talk to people at the next few events.

        Thank you,


          Please note that the August Weekender dates have been corrected. This event will be taking place on August 23rd – August 25th, not on August 16th. This was the result of a mix-up on my part.

          August 23rd to August 25th – Terath Full Weekend Adventure
          Location: Middle Canyon
          Run by Mike, Steve, & Barrus

          My sincere apologies for any confusion or rescheduling that results from this update.

          Mike M.

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