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    With these weekenders Staff would like to remind the players that although we are extremely excited to have these weekends runners do need NPCs to make the events fun and to keep from wearing out the runner(s). We will likely be employing the job board/NPC signups like we did last weekender season and highly encourage our players to participate.

    Also, we have several trailers that will need hauling to whatever campsite we go to. These include the Porti-potties, Mythic Trailer, and kitchen trailer. The Porti-potties are normally light enough they can be towed by virtually any vehicle that has a hitch. As for the other two they can be a bit heavy. If you have a vehicle with towing capacity and are willing to help please post here, in the discord chat, PM me, or tell someone else on staff.

    We are currently planning on 4

    • June 25th – 27th
    • July 16th – 18th
    • August 13th – 15th
    • September 3rd – 5th
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    R Kelson

    Looking forward to this!!


    No longer tentative!

    Travis Emery

    I will unfortunately not be able to attend the June or September weekenders then.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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