11/18 Teaser – A Foggy Night

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    As the sun begins to set in Northwatch, fog begins to form. Coming in from the direction of the Graveyard outside of town, it slowly spreads over the next two hours until all of Northwatch is blanketed. As it is observed, there are two things that seem odd about it. The first is that it seems to be thicker the further from the buildings it goes. So while it covers all of Northwatch, if one was standing on one side of town they would still be able to make out the buildings on the other side.

    The other oddity is the magical barrier that blocks the entrance to the underground dungeon. Normally the barrier only stops living creatures from passing through (so rain, snow, leaves blown in by the wind and fog normally pass through it). Upon inspection though, it seems that the fog is not able to penetrate the glimmering barrier.

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