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Mythic Realms is a Salt Lake City, Utah based Live Action Role Playing Game. Create your own character and join in the story.

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What is Live Action Role Playing?

Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, is similar to acting, but there is no script and you create your own character. You wear what your character would wear and act as your character would act. Together with other players, you fight with foam weapons, adventuring and solving problems in a make-believe world provided by the Story Tellers. It’s a process of interactive imagination!

Our ongoing storyline is constantly evolving:


Lairroth is a war-torn realm on the brink of cataclysm, struggling to reclaim what has been lost. It is a land of immense danger, vast intrigue and ancient darkness.


The southern continent of Terath is a vast bastion of military strength and magical power where nobles vie for dominion, manipulating their enemies in an endless game of court politics. Villainous forces pull the strings from the darkest corners, seeking to cloak the world in fire and ruin.

Arbor Isles

A ring of islands once ruled by seven fey heralds, now subject to the tyranny of fanatical cultists. Adventurers must leave their bodies behind in Cyrillia and venture as spirits to investigate what dark fate has befallen the heralds and their kingdoms.

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Reasons You Should Be LARP’ing:

To be social!

Because being social is good for you! Live action role-playing is an interactive hobby. Come meet new people with similar interests. Make new friends. You might even meet that special somone!

To get some exercise!

Because lets face it, you’re out of shape. Live action role-playing requires that you get up and get moving. Slaying a giant? Running from a swarm of pixies? Punching a warewolf in in the face? Trust me, this is the most fun you’ve ever had exercising.

To get stress relief!

Because beating your foe to the ground with a foam weapon is a great way to alleviate excess tension! Most people pay out the nose for this kind of therapy. Give it a try, see what we mean.

To be cool!

Because “nerdy” is the new “cool”. That’s right. Now it’s cool to geek out over Game of Thrones, openly plan your strategy for when the zombies attack and show off your sweet cosplay costume for the next big Con. Let me tell you, there’s no one nerdier than a LARPer. And therefore, no one cooler.

To be someone else!

Because everone could use a vacation from themselves! Not that you’re not great, but if you’ve ever wanted to be the sneaky pickpocket, the dainty fairy, the vulgar barbarian or the double-crossing mercenary; now’s your chance! Especially since those types are frowned upon in the work-place.

To learn stuff!

Because you might actually pick up a valuable skill! At least, more valuable than bottle-flipping. LARP is a great excuse to learn how to sew, craft leather or chainmail, write stories and build props. You can always buy your gear online, but if you have an interest, there’s probably someone in our community who would gladly show you how.

Cleansing Celebration – Winterfest 218

My Friends, These are dark days. Rumors continue to rise regarding a necrotic contest among the undead, known as the Blood-Feast. It is said that The Prince of Wights seeks to claim victory in this contest in order to bring the grasp of death down upon Terath. The...

Star Fall Initiative

The Starfall Initiative is a civilian intelligence organization formed at the peak of the terrible Pale War, only a few years ago (215 PB). With the threat of continental devastation looming across the whole of Terath, it's mission was to unify and support the...

A Glimpse of Destiny

With the Pilgrimage of the Cults of Hadrianus in full swing, travel has increased across all of Terath. This has served to remind many that the scars of the Pale War are still fresh. Many roads are in disrepair, and many more threatened by desperate bandits. In the...

Shields against the rising tide

Seven tools are prophesied, as shields against the rising tide. One a weapon torn from sleep One a sky found in the deep One a shadow which must be woken One an army lost and broken One a statue that guides the way One a foe to lead astray One a step on Godfrey's path...

Threats From The Sea

Disaster has struck the coastal Chindian city of New Octavia. Alarming news travels south with water-logged merchants and travelers, chilled to the bone and despondent. Following a week of heavy rains, news has revealed that a tidal wave has destroyed much of the city...

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