What Is Mythic Realms?


We are a Salt Lake City, Utah based Adventure Theater Game.



In this Live Action Role-Playing game you will have the opportunity to create a heroic character and participate in heroic deeds and dangerous adventures.




What is Role Playing?


Role playing is similar to acting in that you take on a character as an alternate persona and decide everything that they would say and do. There is no script of any sort as you create your own alter ego to interact in a world provided by the story teller, who is called a Marshal. You are able to design the entire personality of your character, complete with emotions, goals, fears, dreams and a history set in the existing fantasy world which has been years in the making. Role playing is a process of interactive imagination. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and to live the adventure.



What's the "Live Action" part?


There are many forms of role playing, some of which involve sitting at a computer or around a table rolling dice. At Mythic Realms, you actually dress in the costumes, fight the monsters with your padded weapons or throw magical spells in the form of small bird seed filled packets. There are even actual coins minted for your character to spend during the game. Everything is completely interactive as you adventure with other people who are also role playing. It is a mix of a Renaissance Fair, threatre, storytelling, survivalist adventure, combat and all around fun. Whether you decide to be a human, an elf, a dwarf or one of the many other races available, your character is part of a living, breathing world created from fantasy and experiences. Our players come from all walks of life, as Mythic Realms is perfect for theatre-goers and actors, storytellers, students of literature, weekend warriors, gamers and and anyone who enjoys a moment of make believe in their lives. Some of our longest running players range from army reservists to biochemists to full time actors and lifetime gamers. There's something for everyone!



Combat? Is it Safe?


Safety is among our top concerns at Mythic Realms. All combat uses foam covered weapons with a core made of PVC pipe or graphite. These are called "Boffer" weapons. Safety Marshals inspect every weapon before each event to make sure that they are safe before they are allowed into play. We have various people available to make weapons for new players or to teach them how to make their own weapons at our high standards. It's doesn't require strength or skill to use boffers and it doesn't hurt (much). Weapons similar to these were used on the show American Gladiators and have been used as practice weapons in some martial arts and by the SCA for many years. Most people can pick up a boffer sword and in no time are running through the woods or corridors of an abandoned keep in search of monsters to slash and bash. For those who choose not to participate in combat, there are still plenty of role play opportunities awaiting you and your character.


About Us

Mythic Realms has been running strong for over a decade, and is continuing to grow. Make sure you log in and take a look at our rules, our world, and our photo gallery.