The Wizard Thalomere

Thalomere is a powerful wizard known for his accomplishments on the Northern Continent of Lairroth. He is rumored to be thousands of years old, and it is widely believed that he is actually a Golden Dragon who has permanently taken human form. Many claim that Thalomere is the son of the WarWizard Herromere, who is a figure in many ancient legends of the old Rhouman Empire.

Thalomere is most famous for his involvement in founding the ancient School of Magic in King's Port, where he trained many of the greatest Ritual Mages to ever have lived. He is also famous for his role as one of King Erenius Greymoore's three advisers over two thousand years ago.

Thalomere is rumored to have been seen in his true from as a Golden Dragon in the year 206 PB during a conflict called the Dark War, when a powerful demon attempted to invade Lairroth.

During the past century, Thalomere is known to have taken part in training Daryoon Anairo, a Silver Dragon who follows in Thalomere's footsteps, striving to master the art of Wizardry.