Getting Started

Care to Join a Grand Adventure? 




Welcome to the world of Mythic Realms, Utah’s largest and finest Live Action Role-playing organization. When you join in our grand adventure the only limit is your imagination. Create your favorite character and “role-play” as often as possible. As your character you will experience exciting melee combat, fantastic magic spells, and curious intrigue. You will meet many other real people who are also role-playing their own characters. You can form alliances, join guilds or make enemies; it’s all up to you.


Mythic Realms was created in 1998 by a dedicated group of Fantasy Role-playing Game (RPG) enthusiasts to provide all participants with an exciting, realistic live role-playing system that is enjoyable for people with all types of backgrounds and skills. Our game development staff has vast experience in Live Action Role-playing (LARP) games, Classic Dice RPG’s, Computer RPG’s, and is of course familiar with a huge Library of Fantasy books, films and art. By adventuring with us, you will join the greatest Live Action Role-playing game in the world. We have a medieval/fantasy world just waiting for you to explore. It truly is a mythical realm created for you and your friends to enjoy.



Preparing For Your First Event-

The primary question that you should ask yourself when preparing for your first event is whether you would like to start as a Player Character(PC) or a Non-Player Character(NPC).


  • PCs are the paying customers and the heroes of the Mythic Realms Adventure Theater Game. When you PC you play a specific unique character of your own design, and experience the dangers, intrigues, and world storylines through the eyes of the character you have created. A PC character grows with time, accumulating wealth, treasure, allies, enemies, and personal power. However, no story lasts forever and all heroes must meet their end eventually, whether disappearing into the mists of time or falling to an enemy’s sword. It is the responsibility of the PC to supply their own costume and equipment. If you choose to PC on your very first Mythic Realms event, that event is free.


  • NPCs are the gears that keep the game going, and playing an NPC requires no set-up ahead of time, as weapons and costume are provided for you. As an NPC you would change roles every few minutes from villager, to monster, to villain, to tavernkeep, and so on. Most people enjoy ‘NPCing’, as it allows them to build a foundation of understanding for the rules of combat, gives them the opportunity to play many different types of roles, and allows them to be part of building the story of Mythic Realms. NPCing is always free, and NPCs are awarded with game credit and ‘experience’ which can be applied to any current or future Player Character.


If you would like to NPC, feel free to just show up to an event and we will guide you through the rest. However, it is often much better for new players to PC their first event or two before taking a ‘glimpse behind the curtain’ as an NPC. If you decide to create a player character, take a look at the ‘Create a Character’ section of our website and consider asking a question on our forums or contacting a member of our Plot Team (or anyone else on our Staff). We will be happy to help you get ready to play.




So take a look around- Create a Character, Sign up for an Event, or Post a Question.





The fictional world of Mythic Realms contains monsters, magic, and melee. All the methods of magic and melee proposed at Mythic Realms are for the purpose of role-playing and are purely recreational activity. All references to witches, demons, monsters, nobility etc. are for role-playing purposes only and are not in any way to represent real life peoples, places or religions. Some people may find magic, melee, supernatural elements and/or religious overtures inappropriate. We, the staff and owners, neither condone nor encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs, or violence. We also discourage the use of religion or references to higher powers in Mythic Realms. We are all about using our imaginations, acting and having fun. Anyone who wants to participate at Mythic Realms must sign a waiver, or have their parents sign the waiver (if under 18). Mythic Realms reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any or no reason.