Rules of Safety: The Basic Five

The following five rules are the most important rules you will read because they are the safety rules. These apply to all PCs and NPCs alike.

No exceptions to these rules are allowed, and any violation of safety rules will result in removal from game.

Body Contact: Mythic Realms is very safe because we prohibit most body contact. All contact during combat must occur only with approved, safe, padded, weapons and gas/spell packets. Head, neck, groin, or hand contact is not allowed. If you are hit in any of these locations, please inform your opponent of her mistake. If necessary, inform a Marshal. Body contact is only permitted with direct permission from the involved person. No skills may be used with physical contact without the other player’s express permission. As this can be a sensitive issue, always err on the safe side.

Hold: If you hear anyone call “hold,” stop whatever you are doing immediately and drop to one knee. Holds should only be called when there is a need such as safety or a rules clarification (that would alter the play of the game significantly). Anyone can call a hold and everyone must STOP! The hold ends with the person who called the hold stating (loudly enough for everyone to hear) “Is everyone ready? 3,2, 1 lay on.” As we have tried to create a “hold-free” game to increase atmosphere and reality, please try to avoid calling a hold whenever possible. If you need a hold for yourself, you may call a “personal hold” where you take yourself OOG for whatever reason needed. Just ensure that it is not called for a reason that may be construed as cheating.

IG Theft: Private property is important. If you want to sneak into someone’s personal tent or building, you must have a Marshal present. Do not attempt to sneak into something on your own. For more information, please see the Stealing and Searching section of our Rulebook.

Alcohol & Drugs: Mythic Realms prohibits the use of alcohol by those underage or illegal drugs during its core events. If you are found in possession of (or under the influence) of such substances, you may be removed from the game. If you are aware of someone else breaking this rule, failure to report him or her may also result in disciplinary action. Illegal acts will be dealt with by local law enforcement and reported immediately.

Appropriate Conduct: If you are unsatisfied with some aspect of the game please talk to a Marshal or a Mythic Realms Staff member directly. This should be done after the event or during the event in private. Complaining and whining during an event when everyone can hear makes a miserable experience for everyone, and Mythic Realms is about FUN.

This is a family game. Foul language, crude comments and acts of lewdness are not acceptable. Local and State laws are to be followed. If you are under age, do not smoke. There is no coed sleeping for those under 18. When in doubt about appropriate conduct, ask a member of the Mythic Realms staff