Create a Character

The rules that you will need to create your character can be found in the Mythic Realms 20011 Rulebook, which can be found in the ‘Rules' section of the website.


Step 1- Create a Concept

Decide on what kind of heroic character you would like to play. You can choose almost any kind of medieval hero, from the wizardly apprentice, to the noble warrior, or even the gold-hearted scoundrel. We recommend you read pages 12-20 in the rulebook to get an idea of the places in the world your character might have come from. You may also which to examine the 'Book of Heroes: Class, Artifice, & Ritual Magic' to form an idea of what type of character you might wish to play.



Step 2- Choose a Race

Mythic Realms is a game of high fantasy which, in addition to humans, includes Elves, Dwarves, Fey, Orcs, and many other races. Each unique race has its own flavor, advantage, and make-up/costuming requirements. Choose a race that compliments your character concept.



Step 3- Choose a Talent

Every heroic character is talented in one specialized set of skills. Your character will begin with the necessary talents to be either a Merchant, a Mage, a Fighter, or a Rogue. Your character’s initial Talent will indicate which group of skills you may purchase skill from, and will grant your character a benefit associated with the talent you have chosen.



Step 4- Purchase Skills

All characters begin with 20 skill points to use at character creation. Every heroic character is talented in one area, having the potential to become a powerful Arcanist, Mystic, Fighter or Rogue. Your character’s initial Talent will indicate which group of skills your character leans towards, which powerful abilities your character will eventually be able to attain, and whether or not your character is able to use certain types of armor or certain minor spells.


Note: If you have come to events before and played, you may have accrued more skill points to start your character with. You generally accrue SP by attending events, as either a PC or an NPC. These Skill Points are used to ‘buy’ IG character abilities. Therefore the more often your character adventures, the more powerful your character becomes.



Don your costume and gather your weapons; you are ready to play!

Sign up for your first event!



(Optional) Step 5- Create a Character History

Creating a character history is not a necessary step, as Mythic Realms focuses on the heroic deeds ahead of your character rather than those in your character’s past. However, we recommend that you take a few moments, at least before your second or third event, and work out the general details of your character’s past. You may have specific information such as where you are from, what your relatives’ names are, and specific deeds your character hopes to accomplish. We strongly suggest that you take a few minutes and sit down with the a member of the Mythic Realms plot team to talk about your character’s history; this will help ensure that you have a history which fits in with the game, as well as giving the story-tellers an idea of what your character’s goals and fears are. After your character history has been written, take a moment to email it to the campaign director of the campaign you’ll be playing in. You will receive 1 bonus skill point and a bonus Lore for completing a character history.