The Starfall Initiative is left dramatically leaderless, and no one knows why! In the wake of this and growing proof of corruption, the High Queen has made it known that they no longer speak for Terath. In their place, the High Queen has begun to form a new organization that will see that a lighter touch is applied when real threat to the Empire arise, and that the tyrannical overreach of the SFI will be undone.

It is a summer of success for those who love justice. Yet the nights are long. In the hinterlands, where roads were once plagued by bandits, there is nary a thief who doesn't work with necromancers for hire. Cleansing the Necromantic Taint in the Vast Forest of Haven foils the wisest Wizard and purest Mystics with its rampant undead and Black Lands. Skeletons claw their way out of farmland graves across Terath. In Akeron, the Open Council have relaxed enforcements of the laws regarding Necromancy. Even among the Great Cities, hauntings and strange murders are on the rise. Worst of all, plagues sweep through Terath, heightening the tensions between those proud nations in ways that could easily escalate into greater bloodshed between armiess. Hadrianus and Ethlinspire remains without leadership, though both swarm with those who covet that burden.

While many are quick to dismiss the above as the misguided worries of those who jump at shadows in what remains peacetime, others wonder if the Kingdom of the Night is covertly responsible for more than a few of these dark tidings. Bards mumble darkly about legends saying undead harbingers openly live among and consort with the Adventurer Outposts that have in the past been their bane. Worldly observers of events note that the horrors of undead armies and Necrovoids loom large in Lairroth, too. And in, Falconcrest citizens quake and wonder what King Gilrandir the Undying, an avowed enemy of the undead, will do?


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